Landlord Resources

Keeping and maintaining a successful rental property requires a careful dedication to providing quality service to your customers, as well as keeping your properties in top condition. In order to do this, you must either dedicate yourself to learning how to fix everything related to your property or find a trusted contractor to help assist you with these needs. Most property owners will opt to utilize the services of a third-party service, making it important to have a trusted list of contractors for you to rely on. 

Advanced Property Management provides clients with a trusted and reliable list of contractors for you to utilize. In fact, we will also streamline the process for you by having our contractors come out to your property without the need for you to contact them personally. We know many property owners are too busy to handle these duties regularly, especially if you own multiple properties and are overwhelmed with the amount of responsibilities they are juggling. APM works diligently to provide these services, ensuring you will never have to scramble to find a fix if one of your tenants is dealing with an issue. 


Tenant Screening Process

One of the most important components of owning a successful rental property is to have reliable and trustworthy tenants who can make payments on time. Filling your property with tenants who will not be able to pay or afford the rent you have set for them can lead to significant issues down the line, as you will be forced to evict a tenant if they are unable to pay. Having to chase a tenant down every month for the rent will also lead to unnecessary time spent dealing with unnecessary headaches. Utilizing APM to help you find the right people will save you a great deal of time down the road.

Eviction and Legal Issues

An eviction or having to wrestle with other legal issues is definitely not something any landlord or property owner will want to deal with. These issues can be both tenuous and costly, something that can be extremely stressful to have to face. Thankfully, a helpful property management company can assist you with all of these issues. Instead of having to file the paperwork and contact legal authorities to assist with any type of eviction situation, Advanced Property Management can assist you with these issues. 

A big way that you can protect yourself is to have your lease agreement drafted by a qualified legal authority. A well-drafted lease agreement will protect you from any potential legal ramifications as a result of any dispute you might have with a tenant. This can also apply to having to utilize a contractor to repair anything related to your property, as you will want to be legally protected in the event  that something goes wrong with the repair or any other potential issue. Again this makes the act of hiring a property management company all the more important, as you will be working with a firm who can provide you with the expert guidance you require.