Tenant Resources | Advanced Property Management

An important component of owning a rental income property is the experience you provide to your tenants. Tenants, especially if you own larger properties with many people living there, will want to have a positive experience dealing with your rental company. A big part of this is providing your tenants with the necessary resources needed to make their experience a smooth one. There are many things you can do to achieve this goal, something that can boost a tenant’s perspective of you as their landlord and also save you much needed time in the process. 


Prospective Tenant Resources

Providing your tenants with helpful and relevant resources can make your company a much more attractive firm to work with. People will be more likely to recommend your business if they find it to be easy and accessible to work with, leading to potentially more tenants in the process. Some of the resources you can provide to prospective tenants include things such as a full and up-to-date listing of all of the properties you have available for rent. Having this listing available can dramatically increase the amount of people who decide to rent from you, as they will have easy access to view your latest available apartments for rent. 

If a tenant is able to view your listings with ease, they will be much more likely to want to rent from you, as they will have clear and easy access to your available properties. One of the biggest ways you can convert potential tenants into choosing to select one of your properties is to make it easier for them to do so. The less barriers there are for a person to make this decision, the better chances you will have for increasing the amount of people who decide to rent from you.

Current Tenant Resources

Allowing your tenants to have easy access to contacting you over a variety of issues will make it much more likely that a person or family will continue to rent from you. Often, tenants run into many difficulties regarding communicating with their rental company, especially when it comes to maintenance issues. One of the biggest reasons a tenant may decide to leave your rental property after their lease is because they experienced poor service in regards to issues at their property. Getting a hold of a landlord over an issue at a rental should not require a serious hassle on the part of a tenant or a property owner. 

Having systems in place to make this process more seamless and accessible will make things much smoother for both you and your tenants. In addition to being able to report any potential issues with a rental, a tenant should also be able to have easy access to their tenant handbook online, as well as forms for move-out expectations. The more information you include regarding potential questions a tenant may have about their lease, the less you will need to spend time communicating with your tenants regarding these issues.