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Operating a rental property requires you to take good care of both your properties as well as the tenants who inhabit them. In order to reduce the number of clients who become frustrated with your services and decide to leave your property after a year or two, you should prioritize improving your tenant’s experience. This means providing them with excellent and timely service to ensure their satisfaction. Streamlining this process can also reduce the amount of tasks you have on your plate, as you may be able to automate the process for paying rent among other services.


Online Applications

Having to sort through a stack of physical applications can present a host of vulnerabilities for you and your company. You will risk the possibility of misplacing your collection of applications, something you won’t want to work with. By making this process digital, you will increase your ability to organize it as well as have multiple users access this information on different devices. A tenant will also be able to fill out the application process much faster, providing you with a much faster stream of applications to review for your properties. 

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Online Bill Pay and Records

Having a portal for a tenant to access that allows them to make payments for rent directly can streamline the process for both you and your tenant. Instead of having to wait for a check to come in, you can instantly receive payment from a client through a secure portal for them set up through your website. This will also allow you to provide accountability for your clients if they happen to be late, as you can send reminders that will allow them to instantly take care of the bill without having to wait further for the check to roll in.

Additionally, having an online portal for tenants can provide them with easy access to their records for both rent paid as well as their lease, deposit, and other relevant items. Often, tenants will need to access these records for other financial transactions, requiring you to provide these records to the tenants. By having them readily available on your website, you will reduce the time you have to spend providing these records to the client, making it much faster in the process. 

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Tenant Communications and Services

If a tenant is dealing with a particular issue at one of your properties, having a property management company such as Advanced Property Management to assist you with this can make a world of difference. Instead of having to spend time out of your day communicating with your various clients, you can delegate this task to a property management company who can make the process a much easier thing to accomplish. Tenants may have questions about their lease or require maintenance or repairs at their property, something which can be handled by one of our trained professionals. Having a property management company assist you with any tenant communication can make this process much more pleasant for both you and your tenants, an important thing to keep in mind when purchasing new rental properties.